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Hifito is a small application for Windows, which allows to quickly toggle the visibility of hidden files in the Windows Explorer. It allows you to quickly switch the settings using a hotkey or a tray pop-up menu. Besides hidden files Hifito allows to toggle the visibility of file extensions.

Click here to download the latest version or here to visit the Hifito project page on Sourceforge.

What’s great about Hifito

Here’s a list of  Hifito’s key features:

  • Hifito is simple to use
    Hifito is designed to be intuitive and clean.
  • Hifito is configurable
    Hifito allows you to set up a lot of things to make it work exactly as you like — have a look at the settings dialog window in the screenshot section.
  • Hifito is lightweight
    The Hifito executable size is less than 50 KiB. This means you could put about 250 copies of Hifito on a single floppy disk. When running, Hifito usually uses less than 1 MiB of memory.
  • Hifito works on all Windows versions
    Hifito can run on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.  Also, Hifito has no special dependencies — you don’t need to additionally install .Net Framework or Java.
  • Hifito is free
    Hifito is released under GNU General Public License 3.0, which means you can download and use it for free on your personal computer and at the office.



Where to get it

Hifito is hosted on Sourceforge  you can download it by clicking here.


9 Responses to Hifito

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  2. Lautrepay says:

    Hi! Thanks for your work! I love HiFiTo.
    Just one question: will be a truly portable version of this little great app?
    By portable I mean that the settings are stored in the application folder (in an ini file perhaps) and no files or folders are created outside that folder or written to the registry.
    I also suggest the possibility to define an action when you left-click HiFiTo’s systray icon.
    Thanks again and best regards,

    • mlesniew says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. I just created a portable variant of the 1.2 version. I already uploaded it to Sourceforge, you can download it here. It works just like you described it in your comment – it doesn’t touch the registry at all, it saves all settings in an ini file (it is created automatically in the same directory, where the executable is located).

      You will have to wait a little longer for the other feature you requested, but I promise it will be added in the next version 🙂

      If you have any further comments, questions or suggestions, please let me know.

      • Lautrepay says:

        Thank you very much for considering my suggestions, and for the quickly release of a portable version of HiFiTo!
        I’ve tested it on an XP 32 machine and it works perfect, with just a minor detail: no baloons are displayed.
        Finally, if you want to localize HiFiTo, I can translate it to spanish.
        Thanks again!

      • mlesniew says:

        Hey Lautrepay,

        You were right! I checked Hifito on Windows XP and it didn’t display the balloon notifications — looks like the tray icon part of the Windows API has changed between XP and Vista. Anyway, I just fixed the bug, so the next release (1.3) should work correctly on all Windows versions.

        Localization sounds great too, I already started working on a translation-friendly version. I will contact you via email and tell you how you can help.

        Thank you very much for the bug report and for your help offer 🙂

  3. Telmo "Trooper" says:

    Really cool tool, but as I comment at SF: I’d prefer if it where an explorer extension instead of a standalone application. x)

  4. sam says:

    what an AWESOME little program. Renaming files has become a piece of cake since I can show or hide extensions so fast. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  5. Raffaele says:

    Hi, and -first of all- a big thanks to you for all your the work and free software.
    About Hifito (1.3) I just have to report the little fact that it seems not to accept the ‘Windows’ key as a modifier key, which might be an interesting option.
    Also, the option to hide the system tray icon might be a considerable addition (for those using the program esclusively trhough hotkeys… including me, I confess!!).
    Lesser things, anyway…

    P.S.: I gladly offer myself for a translation into italian, whenever needed.

    • mlesniew says:

      Hi, Raffaele!

      Thank you for your comment. I’m happy you use and like Hifito.

      Regarding the Windows modifier key — the Microsoft Windows API documentation says that user applications shuold not define global hotkeys with the Windows modifier keys, because the Windows key is reserved for the System. Still, it is possible to define such hotkeys as long as there is not already defined by another application or the system itself. This means that it would not be possible to use hotkeys like Win+E (which opens an Explorer window) or Win+F (which opens a search window). There is, however, a lot of unused hotkeys, especially in Windows versions below Windows 8.

      I’ll think about this feature and try to introduce it in the next version of Hifito.

      Thank you for offering your help with Hifito translation. It would be great to have an Italian translation. Recently I also started working on some changes, which would make Hifito (technically) easier to translate. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. Actually there is not much to translate, only a few messages and labels.

      Thanks again for your comment.


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