I created another tray application for Windows. It’s called StayAwake and it allows to temporarily disable the screensaver (or anything else that is launched automatically when the computer is idle).

To be honest, I wasn’t the first one who came up with this idea. There already is another application called Mouse Jiggler — it also disables the screensaver and I even used it sometimes, but there was one thing that annoyed me about it. Mouse Jiggler is written in C# and requires the .NET framework. StayAwake is written in C using pure Windows API and has no dependencies. The only thing you need to run it is a PC with Windows. It also doesn’t load a lot of DLLs, so it uses much less memory (usually below 1MB).

To check out StayAwake you can download it from Sourceforge (direct download link). Please note that this is the first beta version, so there may be some bugs.

You can also visit the StayAwake page on this blog.

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